“When Time Matters”

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VCA’s Project Services Division is at the forefront of Innovation Excellence in the Civil and Construction Industries. Our products and services are revolutionizing the way in which projects are carried out. VCA’s solutions are innovative; they optimize customers’ processes and lower overall costs. Our products and services are supported by sound technical advice and on-site support.

Volumetric Concrete Australia’s innovative concrete technology has given our many clients a competitive edge over their competition, both in cost reduction and reduced overall project timeframes. We can assist with all parts of your project from early planning through to construction.

Our concrete technology can achieve Compressive strengths of up to 30MPa within one hour and Flexural strengths of up to 5MPA within four hours. As an example, at Sydney Airport we’ve been able to open up the runway to aircraft traffic within hours of completing the pour.

Following is a small list of projects that have used our Innovative Concrete Technology:

  • Sydney Airport runway slab replacement
  • Melbourne Airport runway slab replacement
  • M5 Motorway road slab replacement
  • M1 Motorway road slab replacement
  • RailCorp bridge repairs
  • RMS/RTA road slab replacement

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