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Volumetric concrete Australia has the modern mobile concrete batching plant hire solution that will save time, space and money.

Other than the addition of modern computer systems, mobile concrete batching plants haven’t changed much in the last 30 years. The conventional mobile batching plant package still consists of the plant itself, a silo, slump stand, washout pits, a loader and at least 2 agitators to maintain a decent production rate. To run all of that equipment you need at least 4 staff and we all know how expensive accommodation and labour can be in remote areas. Relocations and can be painful too, often a compromise is made and the plant is setup in the most central location of a large project which can decrease productivity and increase the chance of rejected and wasted concrete due to higher travel times.

Volumetric Concrete Australia solves all of these problems by providing a cost effective truck mounted mobile concrete batching plant hire solution in the form of a Volumetric Mixer. By combining the batching plant and the delivery vehicle, volumetric mixers reduce the amount of plant and labour required for a project which immediately reduces cost and total footprint.

“a cost effective truck mounted mobile concrete batching plant hire solution”

A single mixer feeding a concrete pump can produce over 55m3 an hour while continuously loaded, no need to slump loads again and again as agitators return to the pump. If the pour needs to stop for any reason the batching process is simply paused and no concrete is wasted or left sitting in a conventional agitator.

Mobile Concrete Batching Plant in Action

Producing Volumetric Concrete at a major Australian airport

Volumetric Mixers are what is known as a continuous batching plant, at any given time there is no more than .1 of a cubic metre in production. The mixing auger is continuously fed by a high speed conveyor belt and all materials are accurately tracked and recorded by the on-board computer. To date volumetric mixers supplied by VCA are the only volumetric mixers in Australia tested to comply with AS1379 for Mix Uniformity.

Reducing the footprint of a project also provides considerable savings when it comes time to rehabilitate the site at the end of a project. A 55m3 per hour package can take up as little space as 15 x 15 metres. This is far less than any conventional setup and because the unit is mounted on a single rigid truck packing up and moving can be as simple as starting the engine and driving to the next location.

A reduced footprint, fast setup times and the complete elimination of expensive wasted concrete makes VCA’s volumetric mixer the perfect mobile batching plant hire solution. If you are looking to purchase equipment VCA also has a batching plant sales team. More info on plant and equipment sales can be found here.

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