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International Mobile Mixers

Why invest in a Volumetric mixer from international mobile mixers

Our 12-month Comprehensive Service and Maintenance Program

Our comprehensive service and maintenance is an industry-leading program that will ensure many years of trouble free operation.

The 12-month program includes:

  • Four comprehensive services* carried out on your unit completed by one of our fully trained and approved technicians
  • Parts supplied at cost price^
  • Service Managers are on hand around the clock for any service or maintenance assistance that you may need

*Charges apply for services outside Sydney area

^Parts not included

Our Extensive Training Program

You’ll never be left wondering what to do, as our extensive training program encompasses everything you need to get started and move forward with confidence using your new Volumetric Mixer and growing you business opportunities.

Our training program covers:

Calibration of Units

  • Training you how to calibrate the Volumetric Mixer and setting up for projects
  • Records, setting up the unit


  • How to identify high wear areas
  • Designing your own maintenance schedules
  • Trouble shooting


  • Training in how to operate your Volumetric mixer with confidence

Clean up procedures

  • Training in the “what and how” the Volumetric Mixer is cleaned after each use

Visual reference Library including videos on:

  • Start – Up Operation
  • Calibration
  • Mix Design Calibration Software Tool
  • Maintenance
  • Yield Testing

Comprehensive Customer Service Manuals outlining:

  • Start Up
  • Calibration and Mix Setup
  • Operation
  • Maintenance
  • Best Practice
  • Troubleshooting
  • Parts

Unit Commissioning

  • VCA will attend your first project in Sydney metropolitan area to commission your new volumetric unit.

International Mobile Mixer features

Aggregate Bin

  • VMMB approved mixer meeting ACI 304. 6R and AASHTO M-241 and ASTMC-685 Standards with full length aggregate trough Provide square strike-off of sand and stone ensuring an accurate mix.
  • Engineered welded bin supports and wide aggregate belt with polyethylene bin guides and stainless steel lacer provides hours of trouble free production.
  • Calibrated Heavy duty rack and pinion gate controls allow for quick and easy settings resulting in precise metering of aggregates.

Water System

  • Front mounted Corrosion and UV resistant poly propylene water tanks provides water supply for concrete production
  • Tank is baffled to provide stability during transportation and eliminate shift in load
  • Hydraulic powered water pump, flow control valve, water meter and quick acting stainless steel globe valve gives operator precision control of water and appropriate water/cement ratio

Air System

  • Electronically controlled pneumatic, adjustable vibrators ensure and provide an accurate flow of material.
  • Adjustable electronic timer cube allows you to set the time of vibration proportionately to your aggregates

Cement System

  • Cement bin with weather tight hatch and bag breaking grate makes loading quick and easy, giving the capability to provide richer mix designs for customers, without running out of cement before aggregate.
  • Poly carbonate view window allows you to visually monitor level of remaining cement and exclusive CTI dual auger cement delivers exact amounts of cement required for mix design

Hydraulic System

  • High volume, low pressure hydraulic system with 208 litre tank (other sizes available) allows for continuous, safe operation without over heating
  • Hydraulic hoist with lock valve provides operator and employees a safe work area

Mix Auger

  • Advanced high energy mixing auger
  • Engineered pump master auger with box beam frame
  • Mix auger equipped with replaceable NI HARD wear blades and reverses for quick and easy clean out.
  • Iron man sealed bearing system for mixing auger
  • Wide chain driven conveyor belt material delivery system with auto chain oiler

Mobile Volumetric Mixers Sizes & Capacity


10 m3 Trailer Mounted


7.6 m3 Truck Unit


4.5 m3 Truck Unit


Volumetric Mixer Size and Capacity Chart

Carrying Capacity Cement Bin Capacity Production Rate*
1.5m3 0.8m3 10m3/hr
3.8m3 1.4m3 18m3/hr
4.6m3 1.8m3 23m3/hr
6.1m3 2.4m3 40m3/hr
7.6m3 5.3m3 40m3/hr
10.0m3 5.3m3 50m3/hr

* Measurements provided are approximations

Volumetric Mixer recommended maintenance

Item Schedule Comments/Issues
Check the mixing chamber, chutes, auger, and bearings to ensure no concrete build up is evident After each pour Cement build up will reduce the efficiency & life of the Auger
Check Bins, Conveyors, Chains and Boards and ensure in good condition Monthly Poor condition effects the quality of concrete
Ensure that the cement viewing glass at the feed end of the cement screw auger is clear After each Pour Enables you to see cement falling into mixing chamber
Do not mix admixtures and ensure hoses and tanks are flushed with fresh water After each Job Mixing different admixtures can cause coagulation and blocking of pumps and lines
Check all rubber on auger and in mixing chamber. Repair and/or replace as required Monthly Damaged areas / items reduce mixer efficiency
Ensure Water Tank is clean with no evidence of contamination or sludge build up Weekly Dirty water will damage water pump and cause breakdowns.

Dirty water will reduce the quality of concreteMake sure the compressed Air is clean. Drain all filters on both the truck and mixer compressed air bottles.DailyWater in the air will drastically reduce equipment life and possibly cause breakdownsEnsure the cement bin is sealed and in good conditionAfter each Cement fillPoor condition seal can lead to contaminated cement causing blockages and breakdownsVisually inspect all wiring, hydraulic hoses and air lines for faults and report for repairsWeeklyDamaged wiring/hoses can cause breakdownsInspect all rubber fittings on mixer. Ensure they are all in good repair.WeeklyDamaged hoses causes breakdownsCheck all tools and equipment and ensure they are stowed in correct placeAfter each JobHave a minimum requirement and checklistClean Control Panel and gaugesAfter each JobGauges and controls need to be clean to ensure recommended operating levels are maintained and not exceededEnsure mixer is locked down for transport e.g. Ladders and chute are locked downBefore travelling after each jobRelevant state road laws and regulations require thisGreaseThese are minimum requirements “MUST DO”Main Turntable (3 pumps per grease nipple 4 OFF)WeeklyMain front bearing (2 pumps per grease nipple 1 OFF)Every PourChute turntable (5 pumps per grease nipple 3 OFF)Every PourMain conveyor bearing and cement auger (3 pumps per grease nipple)MonthlyAll other grease nipplesMonthlyWhen not in operation the water pump should be OFFAfter each pourExtends the life of the pump and lessens chance of breakdownsCheck Conveyor belt and make adjustments using the take up assembly. Ensure the adjustment is the same on both sidesDailyA slack conveyor belt will lead to tracking or jamming the conveyorCheck the gauge on the oil filter in the main hydraulic line. When RED hydraulic oil is by-passed, GREEN ready to go, YELLOW the filter needs changingWhen the mixer is new replace after 40-50hrs After that every 6 months“No clean Hydraulic Oil – No Concrete”Check Oil level on the main Hydraulic tankDaily“No Hydraulic Oil – No Concrete”When finished ensure cement sock is turned upAfter each JobIf not turned up water/evaporation can get into the cement system causing blockages (breakdowns)Check wear bladesWeeklyNever allow the blades to wear below the bolt holes – causes damage to Auger which means replacement of Auger as well as wear bladesCheck all mounting brackets especially compression springsWeeklySafety requirement