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Dowel Pin Drills

dowel-pin-drill-lVCA supplies industry-leading dowel pin drills. Our concrete dowel pin drills include pneumatic drills, hydraulic drills and special application drills made to your specifications. The civil and construction industries have embraced our specialist concrete core drilling and concrete vibrator equipment.VCA dowel pin drills improve the quality and efficiency of dowel pin drill operations. These concrete core drills relieve the reliance on manual handling and improve the trueness of the dowel pin drill holes, enabling better performance and accuracy of the operation.
VCA Dowel Pin Drill Advantages:

  • Holes drilled in seconds. Our specialist dowel pin drills can drill 50mm diameter, 250mm deep holes in approximately 43 seconds
  • VCA 5 gang dowel pin drills can drill 5 x 50mm diameter, 250mm deep holes in approximately 43 seconds
  • They’re fast and efficient
  • Improves manual handling issues of traditional dowel hole drilling operations
  • VCA dowel pin drills are easily operated by one person
  • Drill bits available in Australia
  • Hydraulic units
  • VCA drills are easily adapted to suit customer requirements

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